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Connect with your smart phone via Bluetooth to take calls, listen to music, and receive text alerts.

Voice Control

Input voice commands for Siri through the earbuds.
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Noise Cancellation

Enjoy your favorite music even in a noisy environment with active noise cancellation.

Turn On/Off

The earbuds will automatically turn on when removed from its charging case and turn off when not in use.
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Easy Charge

Earbuds begin charging as soon as they are placed in their case.

Transparent Mode

Turn off sound blocking when you need to remain aware of your surroundings.

Touch Control

Input commands through the earbuds with a touch-sensitive pad. Take calls or play, pause, and change music with a simple tap or swipe of your finger.
IngenioSpec is proud to present IngenioAudio, our wireless headset implemented with earbuds. Enjoy many of our patented features with these easy-to-use earbuds that can pair with your smart phone.
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