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"Revolutionize the way you see glasses"


IngenioSpec is a pioneer in the electronic eyewear marketplace. While traditional eyeglasses can enhance or protect vision, these functions barely scratch the surface of what is now possible. The convenience and ubiquity of eyewear and the capability of integrated electronics have the potential to vastly improve the wearer’s experience. Therefore, we have envisioned dramatic changes in ways eyewear can be used.


Our expertise is in developing and patenting cutting-edge eyewear technology. By seamlessly integrating electronics into eyewear for a variety of useful purposes, we have transformed this useful product into one that improves consumers’ lives in many more ways. Our integrated electronics not only revolutionize how eyewear can be used, they also provide elegant solutions to gadget overload. Our solutions include sensing harmful ultraviolet rays, tracking health indicators, taking pictures, recording video, enabling hands-free phone conversations, enhancing hearing, playing music, and augmenting reality. Our patented technologies will redefine the eyewear market and give consumers dramatically more functional and satisfying eyewear experience.


When you leverage our robust patented technologies, you’ll decrease development time, gain market share, and increase profits. You can concentrate on launching electronic eyewear products, while we take care of protecting, capitalizing, and building on the innovative solutions. Our breakthrough technology and intellectual property expertise will position your company at the forefront of your chosen electronic eyewear market.

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