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Power Preservation
In light of the many patented technologies that IngenioSpec offers for electronic eyewear, they can be enhanced with this addition: battery preservation.
With so many possible electronic eyewear, battery preservation is a key feature to augment the best functionality. This design provides versatility to the design to best accommodate a given model design and make room for other potential features.
For example, a sensor can be placed at the hinge to determine when the temples are extended and in use. When the glasses are folded, the glasses can switch to Standby Mode. A sensor might be used to detect motion, so the power can turn off when the glasses have been still for a duration of time. Or a proximity sensor can detect when a person is wearing the eyewear.
Whether you’re looking to build a disabled-friendly apparatus to make life easier or a streamline, cutting-edge model for today’s tech junkies, IngenioSpec has you covered.
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