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The camera is inconspicuous: you can instantaneously record precious moments from your unique point of view, without interrupting them. Use our glasses to capture and save video of your unforgettable memories as you remain present and immersed in the most important aspect—the experience itself.

With a single click of a camera button on a leg of the glasses, you can snap a frame or record a video. The digital contents can then be saved in a MicroSD card provided or wirelessly to your mobile device, so you can sort through footage later at your own convenience. You can bring family and friends together to enjoy your photos, and since our glasses allow you to save recordings with ease in a swift click, you won’t miss a single moment.

We’re pleased to introduce a new kind of camera, embedded elegantly into your eyepiece. With this seamless incorporation of video and images, our glasses are designed to acquiesce fluidly to your lifestyle, following you through your personal journeys. 

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