Eyewear is an enormous market with substantial room for development. Among vision correction glasses, sunglasses, and other audio-visual applications, practically everyone purchases eyewear. However, we believe that traditional single-purpose eyewear barely scratches the surface of what can be done with this convenient and ubiquitous product.
Therefore, we’ve envisioned a dramatic change in the way that eyewear is used.  We have taken the leap to make this familiar and useful product not only assist with vision, but also improve consumers’ lives in a variety of other ways.  We’ve done this, for example, by seamlessly integrating electronics in eyewear for a variety of useful purposes, such as sensing harmful ultraviolet rays, tracking distance walked and other health indicators, taking pictures, recording video, augmenting reality, enhancing hearing, playing music, and even enabling hands-free phone conversations.

Our patented technologies will redefine the eyewear market and will give consumers a dramatically more useful and satisfying experience than simply enhancing or protecting their vision.

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