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It’s the Age of Augmented Reality.
Upgrade Your Eyewear.
Augmented reality is a powerful tool, particularly in industrial and educational use. At IngenioSpec, our technologies constantly advance achievement and growth for our userbase. That’s why we infuse the future of augmented reality into convenient, utilitarian frames.


Our eyewear features a graceful support structure for different types of sensors and electronics to enable industrial and educational users to smoothly perform in their AR environments. When users pose a question, for example, a communication module can access the answer from the cloud or wirelessly from other users.


Imagine a chemist in a lab using our eyewear technology for her experiments. When she puts on the smart goggles, they sense they are being worn, and the goggles turn on. During her laboratory work, the chemist could pose a question, and the eyewear can access answers from its internal database. Or, the communication module of the eyewear can retrieve helpful data. The display presents the information for the chemist to view as she explores answers in her augmented reality world. Since the eyewear frees her hands, the chemist can continue her experiments unencumbered as she verbally directs the display to scroll through the information.


Our eyewear technology can include other types of sensors, such as for temperature, motion, stress, distance, location, or user vital signs. For our chemist in particular, environmental sensors that measure toxins in the environment might be especially critical. If a beaker breaks behind her, or if equipment in the lab malfunctions, sensors in her goggles can sense toxic fumes, alerting our chemist promptly to safely evacuate.


Our patented eyewear technology is pertinent to a diversity of industrial and educational applications benefitting from AR, such as scientific research, machinery repair and maintenance, eLearning, medical diagnosis and treatment, warehouse logistics, and others. It can be customized with different sensors and electronics according to the user’s needs, so a variety of users can employ our augmented reality eyewear technology to accelerate their progress. With our eyewear, users can achieve their full potential.

Is your eyewear ready for industrial use?

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