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TEXTing and voice call
IngenioSpec offers a wide array of patented technologies for high-performance smart eyewear, the next step in hands-free living. Users with this technology can experience all the ease of quick communication without the hassle of a phone in hand.
IngenioSpec’s innovative eyewear design merges texting with smart eyewear, allowing a user to send and receive texts completely hands-free—without touching her phone. Using our text-to-speech technology, the eyewear can read texts to the user audibly. Then, with voice recognition technology, the user can answer texts by speaking. The user’s audio responses are sent as text messages. Recipients don’t have to worry about changing devices in order to answer, and senders can rest assured that their texts have been received promptly.
Or, if the user prefers, texts can be shown on the integrated display in the eyewear without the need for audio.
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A user can also make and receive calls with a personal audio system in the eyewear that doesn’t require earbuds. This system also allows the user to listen to music or her favorite podcast as she works.

With such easy and intuitive communication technology available in a wearable format, a user can stay focused on the task at hand. From work, to exercise, to cooking, IngenioSpec’s smart eyewear portfolio is ready to foster the next step in communication technology.
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