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To the discerning customer, a great pair of wireless earbuds must have a number of key features—good sound quality, Bluetooth pairing, and long battery life, just to name a few. But what else could an affordable set of earbuds do for you?
IngenioSpec™ is proud to present IngenioAudio™, our first wireless earbuds that pair with your smartphone.
Why choose IngenioAudio? Not only are our earbuds protected by many of our own IngenioSpec patents, you can enjoy all the features you expect in a pair of earbuds with some unique additions.

Stuck on a noisy train? Enjoy IngenioAudio'
s excellent sound quality with the added benefit of noise cancellation, which filters out ambient noise so you can stay immersed in your music or audiobook. Going for a run by yourself? Set your earbuds to transparent mode so you can remain aware of your surroundings. 

Noise Cancellation

Enjoy your favorite music even in a noisy environment with active noise cancellation.

Transparent Mode

Turn off sound blocking when you need to remain aware of your surroundings.
Take calls and receive texts without ever having to touch your phone. Our earbuds feature a touch-sensitive pad, so you can provide commands with just a touch or swipe of your finger.


Connect with your smart phone via Bluetooth to take calls, listen to music, and receive text alerts.

Voice Control

Input voice commands  through the earbuds.

Touch Control

Input commands through the earbuds with a touch-sensitive pad. Take calls or play, pause, and change music with a simple tap or swipe of your finger.
IngenioAudio earbuds’ battery life can last for three hours straight. When you’re done, you can simply place the earbuds in their case to instantly begin recharging.
To ensure a comfortable fit for every customer, IngenioAudio™ includes three pairs of earphone caps with every set, each designed for different ear profiles. And with over ten meters of transmission distance, you do not have to attach your phone to your hip.

Turn On/Off

Earbuds will automatically turn on when removed from its charging case and turn off when not in use.

Easy Charge

Earbuds begin charging as soon as they are placed in their case.
Whether you’re a busy business mogul or a daydreaming creative, an athlete in training or a mom on the go, IngenioAudio will bring you all the ease and user-friendly functionality you could need in a pair of earbuds.
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