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Eyewear with display
A cyclist arrives in time to join his friends for a day of riding. He’s a bit nervous—today’s route is longer than he’s used to. Hopefully his newest accessory will help him keep up with his friends. For the first time, he tries it on: a pair of glasses that features a personal display.
The ride begins, and he turns on the glasses. Information appears around the bottom of one lens. Without any obstruction to his eyesight, he sees his speed, his distance traveled, and his current heart rate. He finds himself performing better than he expected; with that peace of mind, he enjoys the scenery as they go.
Of its many eyewear-related patents, IngenioSpec now presents eyewear technology to conveniently provide information via its lens.
Although this technology can take on some variations, one approach is to include at least a concave reflective surface on a portion of a lens to optically guide images to the user. This allows the user to see information clearly without dangerously obstructing the user’s vision.

The potential applications of this technology are innumerable. Those with eyesight issues or hearing impairment can find their destination without losing awareness of their surroundings. An athlete can keep track of his speed, heart rate, and blood pressure without even needing to look at his wrist. A busy office manager can be alerted of calls and emails the moment they reach her phone.
For more recreational uses, the eyewear can display videos, photos, and social media to the user without the constant neck-strain of staring at a phone. For long bus or plane rides, the user can enjoy a private viewing experience that displays contents via both lenses, comfortably and blissfully unaware of his surroundings.
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