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Smart Eyewear for the elderly
IngenioSpec imagines inventive ways technology can benefit elderly users who want to remain independent. Our patented smart eyewear empowers and guides the elderly through routine obstacles, from maintaining a daily schedule to addressing critical needs in the event of an emergency.

As the elderly population continues to grow, technologies for aging will become crucial for ensuring seniors’ well-being. Existing devices and services attempt to address some of these needs, but can be conspicuous  and unwieldy. IngenioSpec technology envisions a discreet, stylish product combining the ultimate in ease-of-use with compact, lightweight electronics in an item many seniors already use every day: eyewear.
The innovative design is equipped with an easily accessible button located at the side of the eyewear. Pressing the button once enables the user to speak to a digital assistant in her preferred language. The assistant can respond to a number of preset requests, including “How can I get to the library?”; “Louder!”; “Call Katherine for me.”; and “Tell me the major news today.”
If the user becomes lost, she can simply ask the digital assistant "How do I get home?". In response, the assistant will provide real-time step-by-step directions to guide the user home using the eyewear’s built-in GPS.
For more complex inquiries, the user can simply ask the digital assistant to connect her to a live professional operator. Or, by pressing the button more than once, the user can connect directly to the operator at any time, without going through the digital assistant. The operator can, if necessary, soothe the user, provide more personal help, and answer more difficult questions. The operator can also connect the user to family and friends, caregivers, or emergency services, as the particular situation requires.
When the eyewear needs to be recharged, the user can place the eyewear in its case, which functions as an automatic charging station without any extra effort from the user. The next day, the glasses will be fully charged for use. It’s that easy!
Our technology detects falls; for example, if the user falls while walking and is then practically motionless, the eyewear could ask if the user is okay or directly alert a caregiver. It also measures the user’s vital signs, such as body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen level. The eyewear can automatically connect to emergency services if monitored data surpasses predetermined safety thresholds. The eyewear is waterproof, so it continues to function even when it gets wet, like on a rainy day. 
The eyewear technology can add features for seniors who would benefit from additional assistance and monitoring. The eyewear provides convenient reminders for eating, taking medications, drinking water, and sleeping. Motion sensors built into the eyewear detect whether the user has remained stationary for too long. The digital assistant encourages the sedentary user to stand, walk a few steps, or stroll outside. And the design can light up the user’s path to facilitate night activity.
Another set of smart eyewear patented technologies empower anyone, including the elderly. Our smart eyewear features a digital assistant that can wirelessly connect with smart appliances in a user’s home.
For example, suppose the eyewear is connected to a smart stove. The digital assistant can monitor the burner’s status and the location of the user. If the user walks away for too long after the burner is on, the assistant can ping the user. If there is no timely response, the digital assistant can turn off the burner.
Our eyewear technology considers key needs of elderly users, offering seniors and their loved ones peace of mind.
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