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You can also use the glasses to take photos and videos without the app and save them to the MicroSD card, but the app allows you to preview what you have recorded. Also, the app will allow you to choose the resolution of your photos and videos, as shown in the photo:

Here is the setup to download the app to your phone in four easy steps:

( 1 )

Download the WiFi Camera Viewer onto your mobile phone, such as your iPhone or Android. The app icon looks like this:

You can find it by searching “WiFi Camera App” in App Store of Apple or Google Play.

( 2 )

Turn on the glasses. Then tap the power button once more. The solid red indicator will blink three times, then remain solid, at which point the glasses are emitting a WiFi hotspot signal, CarDV_WIFI.

( 3 )

Connect your smartphone to the WiFi hotspot signal. Enter the password 1234567890 when prompted to join the network.

( 4 )

Finally, open the WiFi Camera Viewer app you downloaded earlier. Select “Camera Control” -> “Network Configurations.” Enter the same network and password: CarDV_WIFI and 1234567890.

With the downloaded app, you can now select “Camera Preview” to preview photos and videos on your phone:

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